Blues Jam for Greenbelt – On-line from Pitsea

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Simon Law, leader of Fresh Claim (and partner of Plankton Records) along with his son Isaac stage their own “Blues Jam” as Simon led on the Fringe at the Greenbelt arts festival for many years. This is in honour of this year’s (2020) cancelled festival and was recorded live in St Michael’s Chapel, St Gabriel’s Church, Pitsea. In the tradition of all blues jams it is live, loose and raw! So cram yourselves into our online venue and revel in the love and passion of the blues as if it was the last gathering at the festival! Set list: 1. Let’s Work Together 2. Driving Through The Rain 3. Visions Never Sleep 4. Morning Ashtray Blues 5. Knocking On Heaven’s Door 6. Johnny B Goode