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Ben Okafor & The Liberators – Politic Yoyo

  • Release date: 2018-08-24
  • Label: Roadsweeper Productions
  • Catalog #: RSPBEN 004

Track Previews

  1. 1

    Judgement Man

  2. 2

    21st Century Wailing

  3. 3

    Mum I Swear

  4. 4

    Politic Yoyo

  5. 5

    L L My Lovely Friend

Track Listing

1. Judgement Man
2. 21st Century Wailing
3. Beware of the Snake
4. Hyssop Maker
5. Be With You Again
6. Mum I Swear
7. Perfect Friends
8. Satisfy My Soul
9. Politic Yoyo
10. Can’t Take This Feel

11. World Gone Crazy
12. L L My Lovely Friend
13. Oh Jah
14. You and Me

Album Description

After far too long a break, long time reggae and World music master BEN OKAFOR returns with a brand new album and a brand new band too! “Politic Yo-Yo” is a stunning album with all of the trademark Ben Okafor lyrical observations, rallying calls and words of peace and love we’ve come to expect over the years.

This 14 song collection addresses global social concerns and injustices, humanitarian issues and the state and impact of current politics and politicians on all our lives. As always Ben also endorses the power and need of love, friendship and community, along with the foundations of his own faith, strength and humanity.

With the support and talent of The Liberators Ben and the band has produced a wonderful reggae infused album of infectious rhymes and purpose driven melodies. Welcome back Ben!!!


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