1. Screenshot 2021-04-10 at 12.12.37

    The Tongue Is A Fire – Stuart Elwin

  2. Grace O Grace video shot

    Grace, O Grace – Heatherlyn ft. Nine Beats Collective

  3. Paper Boat video shot

    Paper Boat – Heatherlyn ft. Nine Beats Collective

  4. River video shot

    River – Heatherlyn ft. Nine Beats Collective

  5. When Dies the day video shot

    When Dies The Day – Heatherlyn ft. Nine Beats Collective

  6. Blues for Greenbelt video shoot

    Blues Jam for Greenbelt – On-line from Pitsea

  7. The Haven video

    The Haven – Simon Law

  8. How it all began video

    How Plankton Records was started: 40th anniversary video

  9. Wild World YouTube cover

    Wild World (Bean Euro Remix) – Nine Beats Collective ft Barry Taylor

  10. Echo People Get Ready Video pic

    People Get Ready – Echo

  11. Echo video

    Ain’t Nobody – Echo

  12. Blessed Screenshot

    #blessed – Nine Beats Collective ft Rev Vince Anderson

  13. Kosi screenshot

    Kosi – Nine Beats Collective ft Ambassada

  14. What Can Love Create screenshot

    What Can Love Create? – Nine Beats Collective ft Heatherlyn

  15. Nine Beats to te Bar Screenshot

    Nine Beats to the Bar – Nine Beats Collective ft Mikael R Andreasen

  16. Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.48.01

    Matt JR Hurley – Pebbles