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Second album progress report

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Plankton Records partner Keith Dixon reports:
Just after New Year it was great to hear from Echo’s bass player (and band leader) Greg Nash. We’d not spoken or been in contact for some time and it soon became apparent why when I asked Greg how the work on the second album was progressing:
“We’ve got two video sessions booked in for a couple of weeks time. I’m about to meet with the guy to talk about the venues, style etc and it will be for two songs from the new album. They will be videoed by the same chap who did the last lot of photos and the idea is to keep the same style that will accompany the album, flyers, banner etc.
As you know we’ve been recording the album for a little while now and it’s all coming together brilliantly. We’re really heavily into the recording at this stage and therefore not doing a lot of live work. We recorded a guitar track earlier this week, and as I speak I’m going to the studio with Marie in about an hour! Next Friday is a bass guitar day for me and we’ve booked up another studio purely to get as much guitar on the album as poss. We have vox sessions with the girls booked at various times over the next three months to fit around their diaries/other commitments and the final drum session in Feb.  Just the strings and brass to organise but the final charts aren’t done for those yet!”
So watch this space folks for more information – what little I’ve heard so far sound great! The hope is to release a single (with video) ASAP ahead of the album but at the moment both we (Plankton) and the band are not putting any firm dates out so as not to put unneeded pressure on ourselves – there’s currently plenty of that to go round! It looks like the album will be a late spring/summer release by which time Greg will no doubt be lying down in a darkened room as he’s really done a fantastic job of organising and coordinating all of  the album’s recording sessions.
We are also looking to organise some album launch live gig dates and I know Greg is keen to have some live strings and brass for some of those if possible. So there is lots to organise and plan and as soon as we have any news we’ll be letting you know.
If you want to see more of the album’s progress, the band have been posting some great pics and films of the recording sessions etc on their Facebook page. To follow them now (CLICK HERE)
You can also check out their highly acclaimed debut album BOUGHT NOT SOULED if you (CLICK HERE). The album is available on CD from this website and also (in the UK only) on Amazon and the digital version is on all major music download and streaming sites Worldwide