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Copies of Sea Stone 1982 vinyl discovered

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We are very excited to announce that during a recent stock re-organisation we have unearthed some ‘brand new’ (meaning still in the box and unplayed) copies of one of Plankton Record’s very first releases – SEA STONE’s 1982 4 track 7″ vinyl EP ‘AGAINST THE TIDE’

Said Simon Law, founder of Plankton Records and former leader of Sea Stone “We were checking and organising stock and were thrilled when moving some boxes to discover these copies of the ‘AGAINST THE TIDE’ EP. It a release I have very fond memories of and it was the last thing we released before the band went their separate ways. It was great to play one and hear these 4 songs again. They are all originals and i wrote 3 of them and the whole band wrote the other one”

Plankton partner Keith Dixon added “It’s a thrill to find these and with the two factors of vinyl being so popular at the moment and these songs being unavailable anywhere else apart from this EP – none of them are currently on any of our other releases whether that be CD, digital or cassette. This is the only place you can hear them and it’s obvious the band were at their peak when they recorded this”

The 7″ EP has now been added to the discography and store on this website and is available while the newly discovered stock lasts (CLICK HERE)