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Plankton Records partner Keith Dixon shared about Plankton’s latest release “Our brand new single release, which drops Worldwide on April 21st is a brilliant new track from the NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE stable and features the gifted and charismatic performance poet and rapper, ERIC LEROY WILSON.”

“THAT GOES FOR ANYBODY is a beat poem and is the lead single from their forthcoming Plankton Records EP ‘The Nine Fold Path’ a collection of tracks about the inward journey to wisdom. The EP takes listeners on a path to awareness, healing and love via a journey with rhythms of hip hop and jazz that pays tribute to Gill Scott-Heron and The Lost Poets.is a certified Spiritual Director, Executive Coach, religion blogger for The Huffington Post and an award-winning playwright and theatre director.”

Keith continued to share about Eric. “His work has been published and performed around the USA including the John F Kennedy Centre in Washington DC and his book ‘Faith: The First Seven Lessons’ was released in the Autumn of 2016.”

“Eric is a key collaborator and central member of the NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE – the international collective of musicians, troubadours, poets, rebels, provocateurs and activists exploring the ancient Bible wisdom known as “the beatitudes”. Eric co-wrote and performed on several songs and spoken word pieces on their 2017 critically acclaimed Plankton Records double album ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’. He has also performed live numerous times with the Collective and has MCed their live events across the USA and UK in churches, clubs, theatres and festivals.”