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Plankton Records Christmas Radio Show

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We are pleased to announce another first for Plankton Records! Local UK radio station Flame CCR (CCR = Christian and Community Radio) based on the Wirral, Merseyside are broadcasting a 60 minute Christmas programme hosted by Plankton Records partner Keith Dixon.

Keith shared. “I received an offer out of the blue from Flame’s station manager Norman and my DJ friend who works there John Cheek, who have been long time supporters (and music players) of Plankton releases, to create an hour long radio station some time ago and by the time we’d get things moving and in place I suggested doing a programme based around the spiritual meaning around Christmas and to help in this I featured the songs of our beautiful Christmas album ‘Emmanuel’ by Vivienne Neville & Liz Clarke. I really enjoyed making the programme and I hope people get something from it – some great atmospheric festive music if nothing else!”

The programme is being repeated several times during Christmas week on Flame’s schedule. Flame Radio is broadcast on 1521 medium and online in various ways. “I use the Radioplayer app on my phone to listen to John’s programme on Flame” advised Keith.

Visit the Flame website for more details of how you can listen to their programmes – especially our programme of course! (CLICK HERE)