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Nine Beats coming into view

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For some time now we’ve been working as part of an international team to bring you a brilliant new music project based on the Beatitudes by THE NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE – a collection of very talented and diverse artists based in UK, Europe, USA and Africa that have come together to record an extraordinary album.

Said Plankton’s Keith Dixon: “We are very excited about this project and planning it’s release is now very close. The final proposed masters are being listened to with the aim of signing off and the artwork is in final approval stages. Discussions are still ongoing on PR and aware raising and a release date to be set.

From my point of view it’s fantastic that Plankton have been approached to release the album in the UK and Europe on both CD and double heavyweight vinyl – yes, vinyl. I’m totally thrilled to be able to do this – and we are also looking after the Worldwide digital release via our aggregation company Doxmedia.

So as of next week we are going to start rolling out some news and info on artists etc on this website and also on our Facebook and Twitter pages, starting with a great in-depth interview blog which will be split into 2 parts – so please watch these spaces!”