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Nine Beats album released & Greenbelt confirmed

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“At long last” reports Plankton Records’ Keith Dixon, “we can say that the wonderful NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’ album is released and available. The digital and CD versions of the album that is. The spectacular double heavyweight vinyl version is still in production and is due to drop in August. Personally, being a passionate vinyl lover, I can wait for that”.

“It’s been a long but ultimately rewarding effort by the whole Nine Beats team. The core team had been working on the album for some time even before we (Plankton) got on board. We are honoured to be associated with a work of such artistic integrity and achievement.”

“The range and styles of the music included on the album is staggering – so much so that we decided to release a single a week (all featuring a different style/genre of music) on all digital formats Worldwide for the last four weeks up until the album release on Friday June 16th. I’m delighted to say that all of the singles have been enthusiastically received and the first wave of critical reviews and features on the whole album have been totally positive – across all sectors of the music press. We even made it into the Daily Mirror!”

The latest exciting news is that NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE are going to be at the UK Greenbelt Christian Arts Festival over the whole August bank holiday weekend with daily performances, showcases and seminars. So far confirmed are Heatherlyn, Rev Vince Anderson, Mikael R Andreasen, Martin Trotman, Eric Leroy Wilson, Mark Scandrette and Rozella Haydee White.

The Official NINE BEATS website www.9beats.org 

The CD version of the album can be ordered from the official Nine Beats website (click on the link above) and from this website (CLICK HERE) and for UK readers from Amazon (CLICK HERE)

The DIGITAL version of the album  is available now on all major download and streaming sites Worldwide

For more information on the Greenbelt Festival (CLICK HERE)