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New seasonal EP from Heatherlyn (Nine Beats Collective)

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Brilliant USA singer/songwriter (and member of Nine Beats Collective) HEATHERLYN is releasing a 3 song solo acoustic EP called ‘Songs of the Season’ on November 29th. The EP features 2 Heatherlyn originals and a cover of a not so well-known Christmas carol.

Heatherlyn shared about the EP “For me as a little Heatherlyn, Thanksgiving to Christmas was actually the most wonderful time of the year. Growing up with a single mom who had a high school education, we were often under resourced. I wore hand-me-downs and we received the church’s Thanksgiving dinner baskets. During that time, we visited with my aunts, uncles, cousins and Grammy. Grammy had a small fake white Christmas tree that I loved to decorate and until she died, these were the best of times. Since we didn’t have a whole lot of money, my mom, being very crafty herself, would also find a project for us. Every thanksgiving we would begin creating Christmas ornaments from beads and chenille sticks! And we would make a gift – the same gift but personalized – for each of my Aunt’s families. For me, these are some of my most cherished childhood memories, some of the best quality time with my mom, and the season felt abundant because we were creating together, and the gifts we made were material symbols of all the love and gratitude with which we had created them.

With these songs I wanted to create a space to explore the wonder and truth of this season, the honest ache of unfulfilled dreams and the nostalgia of joys past. For the listener to allow their heart to be well acquainted with the very present depth of desire for peace and justice, uncontrived comfort and genuine joy to reign all over the earth. Also to allow themselves to be present to the scarcity many experience and open their heart to how you might participate in the abundance of this season. Grieve the losses and receive the gifts. Lament injustice and consider how you might embody justice to our world.”

This EP release is NOT a Plankton Records release but Heatherlyn is part of our Nine Beats Collective family so we want to support her in her wonderful solo work too! She is also playing 2 concerts in the Colorado are in December which will no doubt feature the songs from the EP. You can find details of these concerts on our events page.