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New release is a family affair

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The next Plankton Records release will be a 4 song EP called “Family Celebrations”. The artist is listed as BERGDAHL & FIELDING and this is because it is a recording made by the Bergdahl family headed up by Mr Cliff Bergdahl.

Cliff has a long long association with Plankton Records having released EPs and an album with Really Free Band (the band he led for a long time) and an album with his wife, Char, on the label. Before Plankton even started, founding partner Simon Law played in a band with Cliff touring around the UK – as we said, a long long association.

This EP was recorded at ICC studios with producer Neil Costello and was probably one of the last things recorded there before the famous studio closed!

The players include Cliff and Char, their children and some of their grand children too and it will be released on CD and Worldwide digital on FRIDAY 24th AUGUST which is also Cliff and Char’s Golden wedding Anniversary!!!