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New Plankton Playlists on Spotify

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Plankton Records partner Keith Dixon has just created and added the first three new playlists to SPOTIFY that feature the music of Plankton Records artists.

“I’ve been looking to do this for some time now” stated Keith, “with the aim of hopefully spreading the word on some of our artists and raising their profiles and having more people encounter and enjoy their music. It’s been great for me too as I’ve been listening to their music again!”

“Even though these releases are on my label and I actively helped create and release a lot of them you can easily forget how good this music is, because you are so busy work on everything involved in running a small independent label that you don’t have the time to just sit and fully enjoy previous releases unless you make the time to do so!”

The first three artists to feature on these playlists are PETE WARD, BEN OKAFOR & FRESH CLAIM

“There will be more Plankton Records Spotify compilation playlists coming” advised Keith “both artists based as well as other themed playlists”

Here are the links to the three playlists:

PETE WARD (Click here)

BEN OKAFOR (Click here)

FRESH CLAIM (Click here)