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New Heatherlyn & Nine Beats Collective EP

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“Losing, loving, lamenting and longing are all around us right now”, says Denver-based artist Heatherlyn. “We’re all in the dance of the deep, and no matter how fragile things seem, the waves of grace and the pull of the tides call us to love more when the waves are highest.”

This new EP from the NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE stable, Heatherlyn’s ‘Dance of the Deep’ EP, is released on all digital music sites/platforms on Friday September 18th and it is a haunting collection of songs to provide soul medicine for heavy times. The EP is a further collaboration with NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE founder and lyricist Steve Bassett from the UK. Writing and performing together on the NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE studio album and subsequent tours in USA and UK, Heatherlyn and Steve have since continued writing with these songs being recorded in Denver and San Diego just before lockdown.

‘Dance of the Deep’ is released as a NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE collaboration to highlight how the Collective – in addition to its core album and project – spins off to an increasingly wide mesh of collabs. It showcases Heatherlyn’s captivating vocals and gift for melody: from the haunting Celtic-vibed lament ‘When Dies the Day”, to the ethereal ambience of ‘Grace, O Grace’, the whimsical playfulness of ‘Paper Boat’ and the uplifting gospel spirit of ‘River’, Heatherlyn delivers the songs with a warmth that will wrap around your heart and gently lift your eyes towards hope.

“Heatherlyn is a rare artist who can make the listener feel like the song is sung purely and only to them, so that it reaches deep into the heart”, explains Steve; “So, our collaborations here are about creating small moments of beauty and hope, to speak stillness and love amidst the chaos. It’s what NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE can do – create collaborations of so many different styles and tastes. We’ll do more!”

Throughout the lockdown and the ensuing, ongoing re-set of the world, Heatherlyn has been busy online with live weekly concerts via her Heatherlynmusic Facebook page, her ‘Storydwelling’ talk-show, as well as guesting on other podcasts, events and online gatherings – continuing to share her passion that love is a powerful force of hope and healing, and that music is a uniquely powerful expression of love.

Heatherlyn, Steve Bassett and EP producer Ben Grace are all part of NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE – an international collective of musicians, troubadours, poets, writers, rebels, provocateurs, and activists exploring the ancient Bible wisdom known as “the beatitudes”. Heatherlyn co-wrote and performs on 5 songs on the critically acclaimed ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’ album – itself available on all digital music site/platforms Worldwide as well as on CD & deluxe 180g Double Vinyl from this very website.

To view/buy the “Nine Beats to the Bar” CD (Click here)

To view/buy the “Nine Beats to the Bar” Double Vinyl (Click here)