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New Echo EP released

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Plankton band ECHO have released a new 3 song EP that contains all previously unreleased material. Featuring their trademark blend of Motown and classic soul with a slight twist lyrically, the lead track of the EP is a remix of ‘You’re all I Need To Get By’ which features on their highly praised debut album “Bought Not Souled”.

Bass player and band leader Greg explained, “We felt that the original album mix could do with a little tweak in order for it to be released as a single so we took the multitrack to our friends at Woodbury Studios and they did a fantastic job on it- hence the (2015 Woodbury Mix) following the title”.

The other 2 tracks on the EP are both live recordings. The first one being a great performance of the lead track which was recorded at the same concert/session as the other live tracks that featured on the “Bought Not Souled” album. The final track is Echo’s take on the worship favourite ‘Everlasting God’. Greg explains “This is a very recent recording that was done at a church in Brentwood where we were leading worship in one of their services. This is something we do fairly regularly as a band, especially at churches were we do a gig as well, and we wanted to reflect this on one of our releases”

The EP is available on all major music download and streaming sites Worldwide and also as a limited edition CD – which is available on this very website. click here