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New Cliff Bergdahl releases on the way

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Cliff Bergdahl (here pictured on the left following a recent meeting near the BBC in London with Plankton partner Keith Dixon on a rather dodgy selfie!) is a man that has had a long long association with Plankton Records. Simon Law, the founder and still partner in Plankton played with Cliff in his Really Free Band in the 1970s touring churches, schools and prisons across the UK.

In 1985, long after Simon had left Really Free and set up his own band Sea Stone and then launched Plankton Records, Cliff and the Really Free Band released their first Plankton title – a cassette called ‘Reverence’. Since then, Cliff (as both the leader of Really Free Band and also as a solo artist) has released several titles through Plankton, the last being ‘The Cry of Urgency” in 1996 (CD available from this website’s on-line store and also a digital release on all major music download and streaming sites Worldwide)

Forward 20 years to now and Cliff is back with at least 2 projects to be released with Plankton Records in the next year. “The first release”, stated Cliff,  “is a real family affair as it includes three generations of our family. It’s a four song EP that features myself and Char my wife, our kids – who are all great singers and musicians, and my grand children who provide some great vocals too!”

“The second release is going to be a re-release of a Really Free project. I’ve had it remastered and it sounds great! I’m also working on a third project too at the moment but it’s too early to say how and when that will appear. I need to talk that through further with Keith at Plankton”.

So, 2016 (possibly into early 2017) will see an EP and an album released through Plankton involving different areas, and eras, of Cliff’s long musical journey and career. Watch this website for more details.