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New Books with Nine Beat Collective connections

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Here at Plankton Records we’ve always counted it a great honour and privilege to be working with, and a part of, the whole NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE project. There are lots of reasons for this and one of them is because “the collective” goes way beyond just creating, performing and releasing some great music together. As well as songwriters and composers its fantastic to be working with poets and writers. Two of those writers have recently had new books published.

AARON NIEQUIST (who is also a brilliant songwriter and musician – check out ‘Lament’ on the ‘Nine beats to the Bar’ album) has published THE ETERNAL CURRENT. Quoting a press release:

“The Eternal Current is a call for Christians to move past the shallows of idealized beliefs and into a deeper, more vibrant, beatitude-like faith rooted in sacred practices and intimate experiences with God.

When the limits of his own faith experience left him feeling spiritually empty, Niequist determined God must have a wider vision for worship and community. In his search, Aaron discovered that there was historical Christian precedent for enacting faith in a different way, an ancient and now future way of believing. He calls this third way “practice-based faith.”

This book is about loving one’s faith tradition and, at the same time, following the call to something deeper and richer. By adopting some new spiritual practices, it is possible to learn to swim again with a renewed sense of vigor and divine purpose.”

Available from Amazon Worldwide. Direct links to book on UK or USA

ROZELLA (Roz) HAYDEE WHITE (who we had the pleasure of meeting and working with at the Greenbelt Festival in August 2017) has just published LOVE BIG. Again, quoting a press release:

“Love has the power to transform us – In the words of Mother Teresa, “We have forgotten that we belong to each other.” This lapse in memory has caused deep fractures and allowed fear, hatred, and division to infect our lives together. We’ve become disconnected from each other and from our very selves.

In Love Big, leadership coach Rozella Haydée White introduces readers to the power of revolutionary relationships. Modeled after the image of God as a lover, these relationships can heal the brokenness of our lives by crossing over the dividing lines of race, gender, religion, orientation, ability, identity, and class to provide relief and inspiration.

Revolutionary relationships will usher us into a reality marked by love, connection, and a belief in abundance. Revolutionary relationships lead us to love big – to love despite hardships and fear; to love in the face of despair; to love ourselves and others deeply and passionately; to love in ways that change us all.”

Available from Amazon Worldwide. Direct links to book on UK or USA

Both of these books are thought provoking and challenging brilliant and well worth checking out – as are their authors!

And while focussing on books we just wanted to remind you that the brilliant THE NINEFOLD PATH Notebook by Mark Scandrette & Danielle Walsh is available as a single book or in money saving packs (for group/church use) from the official Nine Beats Collective website, along with the LEARNING LAB GROUP GUIDE (the leadership handbook to go with THE NINEFOLD PATH notebook). To go to the official website (CLICK HERE)

Happy reading!!!