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We are always trying to find ways to make more of our older releases available on all digital sites and platforms Worldwide and we are so pleased to announce that 2 very different titles from the early 1990s are now available on the site/platform of your choice.

Marc Catley’s THE PEEL OF HOPE is a very funny satirical album. Here’s what one review said of the album at its time of release: “Marc Catley, the extremely talented acoustic music man with a not undeserved reputation for outspokenness, is really taking the golden cow by the horns by lampooning…(gasp)…praise and worship music. In addition the serious intent behind it is a call for higher standards in worship and art and a call for a true understanding of how the Spirit works in creativity. It is on first listen very funny. The opener “Jesus Is Ace” wickedly caricatures all those banal choruses we’ve been tortured with down the years while with titles like “Forward Masking”, “My Guardian Angel Drives A White Sierra” and “Lord I Really Just Want Lord To Praise You Lord Just As I Really Am Right Now Lord” you’ve got an insightful commentator going for the jugular. If you want to stir up a hornet’s nest, buy this for your worship leader.”

True Addiction’s VOLUME 1 3 song EP couldn’t be more different as the band perform their silky smooth UK jazz funk. Here’s a review of the EP at its time of release: “A debut EP from a seriously funky outfit. With most musicians who make this kind of soulful pop rushing headlong into an increasingly computer generated soundscape, it really is a refreshing change to hear some funk being played by human beings holding real instruments. True Addiction conjure up an almost forgotten world of neat, understated, funky guitar licks and clever rhythm sections. But whilst the playing is tight it’s the vocals that mark this band out as genuine contenders. Three strong songs too.”

So please seek them out and check them too