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Heatherlyn – New single “Interfere”

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USA singer/songwriter HEATHERLYN is a member of Plankton band Nine Beats Collective but outside of her work with ‘the collective’ she has an established thriving solo music career.

While this is NOT a Plankton Records release, but because she is a dear friend of ours, we are so pleased to announce that her new single “Interfere (Love is Love)” has recently dropped on all digital music sites/platforms Worldwide. “Interfere…” is the lead off single from her forthcoming album “Heatherlyn’s Musical Apothecary” which is released on September 22nd and is superb – we’ve been blessed with experiencing it in advance of release! And there will be another single released ahead of that album release.

Heatherlyn says “I hope Interfere (Love is Love) makes you want to dance and surrender to the movement of Love in your life! It’s also a deeply moving call for the World to let love, in all its diverse and colourful forms, be – exist, flourish and never be shunned or pushed into the shadows for being unconventional. What does this World need more of than the healing and enlivening per of love?”

We totally agree! And we totally recommend you check out this single on your digital music site/platform of choice and help spread the love