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Echo mini tour in middle of album recording

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Motown and classic soul band ECHO have announced a March coffee house mini-tour as recording of their new (second) album progresses.

Band leader and bass player Greg Nash told us: “As a band we’ve been concentrating our time and energy on the on-going arranging and recording of our second album – which is going really well – and as as consequence of this we’ve not been performing live as much as usual. We have, and are, doing gigs when they fit around everything else and the other time demands on the band members.

One thing we have always done is a sort of stripped back more acoustic soulful set in coffee houses, which we love doing and which have always gone down really well with the audiences. An opportunity arose to perform three coffee house gigs over 3 weekends in March around the areas where the various band members live which we really wanted to do as a way of thanking our friends, and  more importantly God, for the on-going support of the band and our music. We love performing and connecting with a live audience and our goal has always been to convey the joy of knowing and following Jesus and of God’s love for everyone – using some great songs that nearly everyone will know. In saying all this and the fact that these are coffee house gigs, then the tour title ‘Grounds for Gratitude’ seemed an obvious choice too! So please come along and we can raise a cup (or two) together in thanks”

For details of the mini tour, and for all other gigs/concerts/events involving Plankton Records artists then please go to our events page on the website