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All Fresh Claim releases now on digital

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We are at long pleased to announce that the entire FRESH CLAIM catalogue is now available on major digital music and streaming sites Worldwide. “Some titles have been available for some time but having all titles available in their own right is something I’ve been working towards for some time especially with the older releases that were originally on cassette and no longer available as a physical product”, states Plankton partner Keith Dixon, “and I’ve at last been able to coordinate everything and get everything uploaded and now live and on-line! I think the current term is all titles have now dropped!”

The list of their releases now available is:

Odd One Out (1987)
Live! No Claims Bonus (1988)
Hud’s Continental (1989)
Soapbox (1991)
In Times Of Rain (1992)
Outstanding Claims (1993)
Broken (1995)
Songs from the Rock Communion (1997)
Backdated Claims (2007)