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We were so proud and pleased to have been recently invited to work on a project with Marc Catley to honour the life and work of the late great Geoff Mann.

UK prog band Twelfth Night, with who Geoff was lead vocalist for some time, have been re-issuing a series of ‘Definitive Edition’ CDs of Geoff’s other solo, band and collaboration projects and one of the latest releases that they have done features the 2 albums that Marc and Geoff released together with Plankton Records – ‘The Off The End Of The Pier Show’ & ‘In Difference’. The In Difference disc also includes all 4 tracks from Marc’s vinyl EP ‘The Peel Tower Hop’ (one track of which has never been released on CD before) which Geoff produced and played on and a recently discovered and previously unreleased live recording of a short gig Marc & Geoff performed together at the 1988 Greenbelt Festival in the Musicians Advice/Plankton Records tent on the Fringe – the only time they actually performed together live!

Click on the link below to check out the CD on Bandcamp and place your order We’ve been told stocks are limited and once they’re gone that’s it. This is NOT a Plankton release so we will not be selling it