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Matt JR Hurley – Raising Questions


Singer/songwriter MATT JR HURLEY is a young man who has been through some trying situations in the last few years. He is also an honest person and his reflections on the challenges to, and the security of, his own faith are poetically captured in his songwriting. No glib triumphalistic songs here, these songs are both modern laments and songs of hope and strength. The songs on the EP feature poetic lyrics, thoughtful melodies and powerful choruses performed by a group of his musician friends – all framed around Matt’s acoustic guitar playing. Matt’s songs are grounded in a folk/roots feel as highlighted in the tracks ‘Shout to the Sky’ and ‘Spinning Circles’ through to the more pop tinged ‘My Soul Sings’. ‘Pebbles’ is an an ethereal track dealing with the theme of loss. The final track on the release, which is built on a gentle pulsing march, “The Promise of Redemption and Hope” makes the very important point of no matter what we may encounter in our lives, there is actually something more for us all.