Various – Scripture Union Childrens Holiday Club Songs

  • Release date: 1990-02-22
  • Label: Plankton
  • Catalog #: PCN 145/129

Track Previews

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    Jesus is Greater Click to preview

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    If you Climb Click to preview

Track Listing

1. Put It On The Front Page (Newshounds Theme)
2. Come And Talk About Jesus (Chattabox Theme)
3. Jump For Joy
4. Jesus Is Greater
5. Jesus Can Change You
6. Jesus, Send Me The Helper
7. Jesus, Here I Am

8. Light Factory
9. Big Man
10. God Loves You So Much
11. O, O, O, O
12. If You Climb
13. Im Special

Album Description

THIS IS A TWO CASSETTE TAPE PACK RELEASE. These cassettes feature full performances and backing tracks (for children to sing along to) for 13 great energy packed childrens holiday club songs that were produced in conjunction with Scripture Union for their Newshounds, Chattabox and Light Factory holiday clubs. Some of these songs have gone on to become firm favourites in Churches across the UK and a part of the childrens work at Spring Harvest. The musicians and singers feature Fresh Claim at the core (original bassist Derek Llewellyn being the writer of some very popular childrens worship songs).