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Fresh Claim – Backdated Claims (2CD)


  • Release date: 2007-08-27
  • Label: Plankton
  • Catalog #: PCDN 162

Track Previews

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    Paris Airshow Click to preview

  2. 2

    In Times Of Rain (Over You) Click to preview

  3. 3

    Changed From Glory Into Glory Click to preview

  4. 4

    Imagination Of Your Heart Click to preview

  5. 5

    What A Friend We Have In Jesus Click to preview

  6. 6

    Swing Low Sweet Chariot Click to preview

  7. 7

    Benedictus (Blessed Is He Click to preview

  8. 8

    Acclamations (Christ Has Died) Click to preview

Track Listing

CD1: Backdated Claims
1. Half My Life
2. Broken Man (There’s Not Much More You can Do To Me)
3. Don’t Wanna Be Like
4. Too Many Tears
5. Paris Airshow
6. Sunday Morning Dawn
7. In Times Of Rain (Over You)
8. Visions Never Sleep
9. Wishing Well
10. Changed From Glory Into Glory
11. Slow Burning Candle
12. Imagination Of Your Heart (This is The End)


CD2: Songs From The Rock Communion
1. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
2. Kyrie Eleison (Lord Have Mercy
3. Peruvian Gloria
4. Jesus, Light Of The World
5. Eternal Love
6. Father On High
7. Father Hear The Prayer We Offer
8. Change The World Through Us
9. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
10. Father, We Are With You
11. Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy)
12. Benedictus (Blessed Is He)
13. Acclamations (Christ Has Died)
14. Agnus Dei (Lamb Of God)
15. Crown Him With Many Crowns

Album Description

It’s been far too long since the last Fresh Claim album. They thought it was time to get the “polished gems” (the core songs that you are likely to hear at a Fresh Claim gig) recorded and onto CD. These songs reflect in a raw and honest style the band’s belief, life experiences (and lessons learnt) and comments on today’s world.  As well as gigging (and communicating) wherever they can, Fresh Claim have also been staging ‘The Rock Communion’ service in churches across the UK. So, a second ‘bonus’ CD of “Songs From The Rock Communion” (which has only previously be available on cassette) is included with the brand new album so you get the whole musical picture of a great and passionate band in one special 2CD set.

Album Reviews

The songs on the first half of CD 1 are very much about the difficult experiences of the Christian life (brokenness, grieving, lack of direction) and the second half deals more with our glorious hope and our reliance upon Jesus. The majority of these recordings were made in 2006 but some as far back as 1995 and it is clear that the strength behind the music is definitely the fiery guitar playing of Simon Law. The limited edition second CD is ‘Songs From The Rock Communion’, an album from 1997 that was only previously available on cassette. This is an alternative rendition of the traditional Anglican Communion Service and there are some nice ideas in here – Cross Rhythms