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New Nine Beats remix single released

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July 10th sees the single “Call ‘Em Out (Euro Remix)” by Nine Beats Collective ft. Eric Leroy Wilson available WORLDWIDE on all digital music sites & platforms.

With dynamic music and free verse poetry  “Call ‘Em Out (Euro Remix)” is unpredictable, melodic, with a hard-edged beat. Eric delivers deep lyrics that channel the revered USA theologian/civil rights activist Howard Thurman. This is music with a message, shards of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop essence pulling the listener in. The unfurling, swirling quality of the track is underpinned by the heart and soul of Eric’s passionate and emotive spoken word.

Eric wrote the lyrics after one of the initial creative hothouse sessions with other Collective members who had come together to share thoughts, ideas and collaborative talents. He shares, “[One of the] NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE shared this idea that was just so evocative about calling forth ghosts of those things that need to be woken up in our lives; so I’ve written “Call ’Em Out” which attempts to call out and evoke those ghosts of our better selves that are inside of us.”

NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE is an international collaboration of world class musicians, artists, and songwriters who have come together from different continents, different cities, and different experiences, exploring the ancient biblical wisdom known as ‘the beatitudes’. Malibu-based

The original version of “Call ‘Em Out” is found on the NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE double album NINE BEATS TO THE BAR. Acclaimed by critics, it is an eclectic soundscape of R&B, soul, rock/pop, acoustic threads, classical, jazz/funk, African vibes, and a hint of gospel. It is available on all digital music site/platforms Worldwide and on CD and deluxe 180g double vinyl from this website

To view/buy the “Nine Beats to the Bar” CD (Click here)

To view/buy the “Nine Beats to the Bar” Double Vinyl (Click here)

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Copies of rare Ben Okafor CDs unearthed

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Rare CD copies of Ben Okafor’s 2001 “Shadows” album have been unearthed and we are pleased to say that they are now available via the shop on this very website – while stocks last!

Plankton Records partner Keith Dixon explained: ” About 20 years ago, our friend BEN OKAFOR had released 2 cassette albums on his own record label, Roadsweeper Records, in his homeland of Nigeria. He wanted to release them on CD and we (Plankton) came alongside to help him with sorting out the artwork, mastering and production of the CDs in the UK and then shipping them to Nigeria.”

“We picked ‘Shadows’ as the first album to manufacture as it featured all new unreleased recordings and also included two songs that had not been released on any Ben Okafor release anywhere else. For the record, the second release was called ‘Rhythm & Creed’ and although it went through all the origination processes we never got to manufacture CD copies. From memory, the difference between the two albums is that ‘Rhythm & Creed’ was a compilation of existing recordings taken from Ben’s earlier releases”

“Coming right back up to date – Due to an enquiry via Ben’s (and our) old friend Paul Vincent we trawled through all the product we have in storage at Plankton HQ and to my surprise and delight I unearthed an unopened box of ‘Shadows’ CDs so we have added this great title to our website shop – but once they’re gone, that’s it!”

To view details of the album in our discography section, which includes some song excerpts and a direct link to the album in this website’s shop CLICK HERE