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Bergdahl & Fielding – Family Celebrations


Family gospel singing groups have long been a feature of American music- for example, the Le Fevre’s, the Speer Family and the Staple Singers. But in Britain they are quite unique. Long time old friend of Plankton Records Cliff Bergdahl is releasing four songs with his wife Char and their family contributing vocally and instrumentally on every track.

The line-up is Cliff- Vocals, keyboards, guitars; Char- Vocals; Heather- Vocals; Graham- Drums and vocals; Jon- Vocals, bass and trumpet; Andy Fielding- Crowd noise; Grand-children Oliver and Elizabeth Fielding also join in by providing recitations and crowd noise.

Cliff describes the songs as ‘contemporary inspirational’: Celebration- Shining a light in a dark world; Carnival- “Bring all the children and let us rejoice!”, evoking a carnival procession; Faithful & True- Thankfulness for friends and the greatest friend of all; and I’ll Never Know How Much- the classic duet sound of Cliff & Char. The entire Bergdahl clan hopes that you enjoy these BEAUTIFUL songs.