Matt JR Hurley – Wigan Music Festival

  • Date:2017-08-19
  • Time:00:00
  • Location: 7 venues across Wigan town centre
  • Venue: Matt JR Hurley - Wigan Music Festival

Matt performs on Saturday 19th August 2017 – time and venue not known

Wigan Live will be host to over 60 bands/artists in Wigan over 2 days. There will be music from all kinds of styles. This festival is free to all guests. There will be over 7 venues hosting music over the 2 days including some of Wigan’s favourite Pubs. With such a wide range of music represented, from rock to blues to folk and beyond, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

For more details, including venue info etc, check the Wigan Festival website (CLICK HERE)

Or, check the festival’s Facebook page (CLICK HERE)