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Vivienne Neville – Veiled In Mystery

  • Release date: 2010-09-06
  • Label: Plankton
  • Catalog #: PCDN 164

Track Previews

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    Veiled In Mystery Click to preview

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    Let Me Know Your Presence Click to preview

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    My Heart Will Know Click to preview

Track Listing

1. A Celtic Saint’s Prayer
2. Veiled In Mystery
3. Let Me Know Your Presence
4. Jesus Joy Of Man’s Desiring
5. The First The Last

6. Holy One
7. You’re Near
8. Dear Lord And Father
9. Don’t Be Afraid
10. My Heart Will Know

Album Description

Following on from her well received 2008 debut CD 4 song EP (released under the name Viv Neville – available below) comes Vivienne’s debut full album length CD release – and what a debut album! Vivienne’s skill as both a songwriter, arranger and performer really shines through and she has also done the very wise thing of surrounding herself with talented, experienced and gifted producers and musicians (including members of Y-Friday and Iona) – the fact that they are also close and long-time friends of Vivienne’s is another important factor.
Blending pop with Celtic sensibilities and wrapping all of this in very atmospheric playing and recording brings an album that is reflective, encouraging, soothing and stunning all at the same time. This album announces the long overdue arrival of a name and talent onto the music scene. If you love quality music then you will love this album!

Album Reviews

For years the Celtic voices of the UK have been Moya Brennan and Joanna Hogg (of Iona), now Vivienne’s performance here ranks alongside both of them – BBC Radio Humberside

With an ethereal cathedral echo the album creates a meditative atmosphere – perfect for a mood of contemplation. In the vein of Moya Brennan, Vivienne creates images of dark natural beauty, rushing seas and quivering forests, where God looks at you from behind every rock and leaf. Veiled in Mystery is a truly calming and spiritual listen, fantastic to unwind with after a hard day – Ministry of Music

Atmospheric and melodic, it’s a stunning example of this lady’s undeniable musical gifts. She has crafted some incredible music with this collection of delicately tranquil songs. Relaxing, soothing, beautiful and mellow, this brilliant album is the perfect way to slide out of the busyness of your day and into the calm of a peaceful evening. Buy this album! – Louder Than The Music

This album is like the Spirit of God hovering over the waters in a creative manner. Vivienne’s voice floats in a clear mystical lullaby through each inspirational song. Comparisons with Enya and Moya Brennan may seem contrived but are valid – Cross Rhythms

Permeated with strong Celtic influences, Neville’s album provides a musical delight for listeners. This album is conducive toward meditation as Neville’s voice gracefully accompanies the instrumentals. The combination of scripturally sound lyrics and ethereal vocals leaves nothing to be desired – The Church of England Newspaper

From ‘Celtic Saint’s prayer’ through to ‘My Heart Will Know’  this album is loaded with 10 tracks of pure music joy. It’s like listening to a gospel version of Enya. The music is soothing, and it evokes a deep assuaging emotion. The unmistaken elements and a strong hint of Celtic music are perfectly amalgamated with contemporary sounds that tug at emotions in ways I have yet to experience in modern contemporary gospel music.  The music infiltrates the senses and creates a mood and atmosphere that is conducive for the Holy Spirit to take over. This is gospel music at a different level,  even if one does not understand the language of the lyrics one can still feel the Holy Spirit in the music. The lyrics make it undeniably gospel music, but the music is very spiritual and that transcends any language limitation. There is something powerful about it. One has to hear it, to feel it, this is music you feel, then understand. But add understanding of the lyrics to the music and you have a winner. What Vivienne managed to do very expertly, was to encompass the three key ingredients of creative endeavour: intellect, emotion and imagination. With that combination she found a key to attune the listener to the melodies of heaven. I would recommend that you get a copy – Onward Christian Radio.