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Drottnar – Spiritual Battle

  • Release date: 2000-06-05
  • Label: Plankton
  • Catalog #: PCDN 155

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    Spiritual Battle Click to preview

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    Missing Souls Click to preview

Track Listing

1. A White Realm
2. Natten pa Harmageddon (Night At Armageddon)
3. Spiritual Battle
4. Away From The Destruction
5. Doom Of Antichrist
6. Missing Souls
7. Frykt ikke (Fear Not)


Album Description

This Norwegian band, whose name is an Icelandic or Norse word, which means master/ruler/king, pulls no punches in the music or lyric departments! Combining their faith and beliefs with their beloved death/speed metal, this CD is not for everyone and it created waves amongst the Scandinavian metal loving community.

Album Reviews

The Lind brothers formed the band in 1996; this is their first album. Others have called it Viking or death/doom metal, and it fits nicely under those banners, with a touch of melody. Mostly in English, the vocals veer from growling to high pitched, lending variance to the proceedings. Two songs are in Norwegian. They seem to have upset a few reviewers with their forthright message – good on ’em I say! – Cross Rhythms