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Liz Clarke – Path of Dreams

  • Release date: 2011-05-03
  • Label: Plankton
  • Catalog #: PCDN-165

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Track Listing

1. Holy Holy
2. Path of Dreams
3. Brand New Day
4. Whispers of Love
5. Pure
6. Frisco
7. If Only

8. Sweetly Broken
9. Holy Rain
10. Only Your Love
11. I Believe
12. The Fallen
13. Only You

Album Description

Although ‘Path of Dreams’ is Liz’s debut album release with Plankton this is in fact her fifth album. Being the possessor of a strong, clear and pure voice, this collection highlights all of Liz’s strengths as a singer, whether singing the rhythmic Bangra/Indian flavoured opening track or a stripped down track where she is backed by a solo guitar – of which there are several stunning examples. Featuring all original songs of faith, love and life written by Liz and multi-instrumentalist and album producer Paul McIlwaine, this album sees Liz and Paul re-visiting Liz’s independently released 2010 ‘Pure’ album.

Album Reviews

Blessed with a brilliant traditional female soloist’s voice, Liz would have been forgiven to stick to a safe, tried and tested, classical operatic style album. But her versatile vocals, accompanied by some cleverly worked instruments and wide ranging musical styles, have come together superbly to produce this unexpected gem of an album – Louder Than The Music

These are uncluttered songs, allowing Liz’s crystal vocals to gain rightful eminence, while the sensitivity and expertise of Paul McIlwaine’s instrumental playing on a host of instruments, along with his mixing and production skills, add significantly to the overall quality of the recording. These songs of faith, love and life make for a truly refreshing listen – Cross Rhythms

Relaxing with a variety in style. Liz Clarke leads worship for her church in Belfast, but there is little sign of a traditional worship sound on this album, it is fresh and experimental – ChristianityMagazine