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Fresh Claim – Outstanding Claims

  • Release date: 1993-08-28
  • Label: Plankton
  • Catalog #: PCN 140

Track Previews

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    Half My Life Click to preview

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    Visions Never Sleep Click to preview

Track Listing

1. Half My Life
2. The Night Of The Storm
3. Easy Way Out
4. Cars And Girls
5. Brother In Need
6. In Times Of Rain (Over You)
7. Catch Me Out
8. Hard As Nails
9. Bleeding For You
10. Huds Continental
11. Love And Rockets

12. Too Many Tears
13. Don’t Wanna Be Like
14. A Choice of Shadows
15. Paris Airshow
16. Strong Enough To See
17. There’s Someone Loving You
18. Sunday Morning Dawn
19. Yesterday’s Hero (Is Tomorrow’s Fool)
20. Enough is Enough
21. Visions Never Sleep

Album Description

THIS IS A CASSETTE TAPE RELEASE. This 80 minute cassette brings together all of the great music that Fresh Claim recorded between 1987 and 1992, the period when they were a four piece outfit with Simon still out front. Packed full of concert favourites and great energy packed songs that can all stake their claim to be called… outstanding!

Album Reviews

Not so much a “best of” as an “everything of” compilation from London’s hard working heavy blues-rockers, this contains all their studio recordings, that is, all of ‘Odd One Out’, ‘Huds Continental’ and ‘In Times Of Rain’ plus three previously unreleased songs. It is Simon Law’s guitar work that gives Fresh Claim the edge, he is firmly rooted in the Kossoff/Page school of riff building and blues scale lead work. The band occasionally betray a hint of funk and reggae and there are some mellow moments but they are most at home playing those out-and-out rockers with Zeppelin style riffs. This tape is an excellent introduction to the band who Cross Rhythms once called “Surely the most underrated Christian band in Britain” – Cross Rhythms