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Paley’s Watch – November

  • Release date: 1994-08-26
  • Label: Plankton
  • Catalog #: PCDN 144

Track Previews

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    Peter Barrie Click to preview

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Track Listing

1. Prologue
2. Harold Slater
3. Lizzie Green
4. Peter Barrie

5. Sue Brown
6. Donald Condon
7. Timothy
8. December

Album Description

Paley’s Watch is Marc Catley’s progressive rock band. This concept album set in the Northern English mill town of Bury during the early 1980’s tells the story of the lives of six characters during the month of November and won high praises from the critics in the progressive rock press.

Album Reviews

So, Marc Catley finally pulls his finger out and comes up with a serious album. First one since ‘Fine Difference’, and about time too. It’s a prog rock concept album revolving around the intertwining lives of six residents of Bury during the month of November. If you enjoyed the ‘Off The End Of The Pier Show’ album you’ll go bananas over this. “Prologue” opens with that familiar delay guitar sound, the comparisons made to Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips hit the nail squarely on the head. Marc’s new vocalist Marianne Velvart has a wonderfully creamy voice that brings a touch of spice and drummer Duncan Parsons contributes guitar, mandolin and keyboards (versatile chap!). Duncan also brings a definitive jazz stamp to the album, which, combined with Marc’s classical influences, makes for a final result that sounds not unlike Curved Air. As an old progger I find great satisfaction in any song that stretches past the 10 minute mark and is not afraid to use more than one time signature. The contributions of some amazing violin from Simon Evans, lead guitar from Clive Davenport and cello and flute from Damaris Schultz add a variety of interesting flavours and textures to the sort of album that is all too rare nowadays – Cross Rhythms