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Marc Catley & Geoff Mann – Fine Difference

  • Release date: 1992-04-10
  • Label: Plankton
  • Catalog #: PCDN 133

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    The Calling Click to preview

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    Closer to You Click to preview

Track Listing

1. We Are One
2. One Of The Green Things
3. Keep On
4. The Calling
5. Love is The Only Way
6. This Time
7. Freedom
8. Closer To You
9. True Riches

10. The War Is Won
11. Growth
12. All Along The Way
13. Weep For The City
14. Theospeak
15. Somewhere Here
16. Hosea
17. Hello

Album Description

Whenever Marc & Geoff Mann (well known for his work with the bands Twelfth Night and the Eh! Geoff Mann Band as well as his solo projects) got together in a studio strange and wonderful things happened. Featuring lyrically beautiful progressive rock songs this comprehensive collection features some rare and hard to find solo tracks as well as their song collaborations. Sadly, Geoff passed away in the late 1990s but this CD is a great legacy of their work together.

Album Review

This album is a CD reissue of much of Marc and Geoff’s back catalogue. Lyrically the songs are a delight. Musically, Marc’s songs are as intelligently arranged and impeccably performed as ever. Geoff, formerly with prog rockers Twelfth Night and doyen of Reading Festival and the Marquee, has a very distinctive vocal not to everyone’s taste. But I like it. His lyrics leap out and poke you in the eye. This is an experimental album, ranging from folk songs to a weird acappella. As with any such album, particularly when it runs to 75 minutes, there are gems and base earth here, but the gems make it more than worthwhile – Cross Rhythms