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Cliff Bergdahl – The Cry Of Urgency

  • Release date: 1996-08-19
  • Label: Plankton
  • Catalog #: PCDN 148

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Track Listing

1. The Cry Of Urgency
2. Such Grace
3. We’re Building A City
4. Cell Block
5. I Need You

6. Wonderful Marvellous Saviour
7. Broken Bread
8. On A Hill Called Calvary
9. The Wings Of Love
10. One Day

Album Description

Cliff has had a long association with Simon and Plankton Records since the days of leading Really Free Band. This album, featuring the Bergdahl family, contains a stunning collection of songs written by Cliff that are moving, challenging but also inspiring. Cassette version of this album also available by mail order.

Album Reviews

An engaging selection of tuneful soft pop and MOR tunes from veteran Cliff with his wife Char. Graham Bergdahl’s programming keeps the arrangements surprisingly full for a low budget production, Cliff writes excellent devotional songs of faith and both of them sing them effectively. Good biblically based lyrics too. Maybe a little low key for huge sales but an album produced with considerable craft by one of the UK scene’s faithful journeymen – Cross Rhythms