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Marc Catley – Char

  • Release date: 1996-08-27
  • Label: Plankton
  • Catalog #: PCDN 150

Track Previews

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    Hey Kids You Have Really Got To Get Into Jesus Click to preview

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    Thank God For Car Stickers Click to preview

Track Listing

1. My Guardian Angel Drives A White Sierra
2. False Pretences
3. Dope Man Every Time
4. Christ Massacred
5. The Lobster Quadrille
6. The Eternal And Never Ending Dance Of Life That Weaves Across The Cosmos In Wave after Wave Of Pulsating Vibrating Vibrant Warmth From The Heart
Of Deep Majestic Suns Fed On Interstellar Dust That Is The Carrier Of The Seed Of Life Essence That We Call Love
7. Sunday Best
8. Good Wholesome Entertainment For The Christian Young Man
9. No Tomorrow Overture
10. Milsorros Song
11. God Lurves Country Music
12. X-reg Escort
13. Direlogue
14. Repent, Repent
15. I Will

16. Hey Kids You Have Really Got To Get Into Jesus
17. Were Not Sayin
18. Oh What Fecundity
19. Thank God For Car Stickers
20. Love Song To God
21. Sincere Love Song
22. Captainslogue
23. Ghoti
24. D.I.V.
25. Dolphins Make Me Sick
26. Epilogue
27. Were In Love With Ourselves
28. Isnt He?
29. Keith…
30. Hot Air For Jesus
31. Stock Prophecy
32. Good Wholesome Entertainment For The Christian Young Man (Reprise)

Album Description

Char, or No Hot Air For Jesus Tomorrow, is the worlds first 3 sided CD and also sees the introduction of a new musical genre, TCM Temporary Christian Music. Includes the whole of Marc’s classic rock gospel opera No Tomorrow . This is Marc Catley and team at their sharpest, satirical and thought provoking best.

Album Reviews

There’s always one isn’t there? One with the rare combination of jolly humour and sharp ability as a noticer. This makes no contribution to the thorny question of “is it okay to make a joke about God, or is he hyper-sensitive about it?”, ‘cos it addresses the fun and games of us lesser beings. Trouble is, many Christians can’t take a joke and as the over-sensitivity approaches hysteria in some circles, no doubt flak will fly. This compilation CD includes two formerly tape only releases ‘Hot Air For Jesus’ and ‘No Tomorrow’ plus one new track. If you have never tried some Catley capers, go on and give yourself a treat, it could do you a power of good. As someone said, “Blessed is he who can laugh at himself, for he shall never cease to be entertained.” Let’s appreciate the man and the therapy he offers – Cross Rhythms