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Out of Darkness – The Celebration Club Session

  • Release date: 1993-08-27
  • Label: Plankton
  • Catalog #: PCDN 138

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    Walk on Water Click to preview

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    Cocaine Click to preview

Track Listing

1. Walk On The Water
2. Love To Love
3. Worldpool

4. Cocaine
5. Valley (I’m Gonna Follow)
6. Child Of The Universe

Album Description

This 1972 live recording of this (at the time) ground-breaking, controversial and often misunderstood band, catches them at their very best with their blend of soul, Jimi Hendrix style heavy rock and gospel. Their songs are still relevant, dealing with subjects such as drug abuse and racism, and the band still sounds gutsy, raw and exciting. All six songs are previously unreleased and have been brought to light because of their historical importance.

Album Reviews

Out Of Darkness were The, no I mean THE Christian band in the early 70s. At a time when serious Christian music was unheard of and most sandal-toting Jesus hippies were content to bash out a three chord Psalm 23 on a nylon-strung acoustic from Woolworths. Wray Powell and OOD stood out like a shining beacon in a fog of mediocrity. Their sound was unmistakably Hendrixy, Wray tweaked his fuzzy Strat with a Crybaby and cranked up his Marshall mercilessly. This six-song set was recorded in one afternoon on a four-track portable studio ‘live’ in an empty club. Nigel Palmer has given it some 1993 post-production work which does improve the quality. Okay, maybe the lead breaks are not perfect, and maybe Wray’s pitching is a bit dodgyat times, but these elements don’t even matter, the historical value of the album makes it one of this year’s most exciting releases – Cross Rhythms