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Fresh Claim – Broken

  • Release date: 1995-08-25
  • Label: Plankton
  • Catalog #: PCDN 146

Track Previews

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    Broken Man Click to preview

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    Slow Burning Candle Click to preview

Track Listing

1. Broken Man
2. The Pillar Sways
3. Morning Ashtray Blues
4. Wayfaring Stranger

5. Driving Through The Rain
6. Defiled
7. Slow Burning Candle
8. Broken Jam

Album Description

Their first album as a 3 piece with Matt Wallace (drums) and Greg Nash (bass) joining Simon. Drawing heavily on their musical influences of Hendrix, Kravitz, Black Crowes, The Who, the blues etc these powerful recordings reflect the troubled times in personal relationships just prior to the recording of the album as well as the pain of following Jesus in a sick and dangerous world.

Album Reviews

The first time I heard the title track of this album I was standing on a pavement in Bute Town in Cardiff where Simon Law and this latest trimmed down line up of Fresh Claim were playing an open air gig. That’s not particularly relevant, but nevertheless true. Previous FC offerings have always had a bit of a funk element, but Simon has always been a blues rocker at heart and new bassist Greg Nash and drummer Matt Wallace share similar tastes so “Broken” comes over as a real stripped down, gutsy, no-nonsense blues album with not one but two “I woke up this morning” songs as well as the obligatory jam to close. ‘Broken’ is surely the album that Simon Law has always been capable of, a real treat for classic rock fans. My only complaint is that it istoo short – Cross Rhythms