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Proposed Autumn 2022 Nine Beats Collective UK tour

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We are looking to take bookings for a proposed 6-10 venue NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE – RESURGENCE UK Tour 2022 during the period 1st – 12thOCTOBER. We already have 2 dates booked and fully confirmed but we are looking for more.

We are looking for Church / arts centre / community venue / house show / café / intimate venue-style gigs, up to 500 capacity and we are inviting churches / bookers to please cover (at minimum) basic general expenses – details on inquiry per venue.

Venues required to have PA and lighting – call us to discuss tech spec (not too demanding!)

For any questions or general enquiries contact: ROB TAYLOR (Artist liaison & business manager) Rob@9beats.org

For concert booking contact: COCO GAIE (also for interviews, press, TV & radio enquiries) Coco@9beats.org

CLICK HERE to view the short taster video which includes footage from our Birmingham on-line live event and Wild Goose Festival, USA